DIY Crib Hack

We took a standard maple crib with sliding rails to hack because, these days, sliding rails are such a ‘no-no’.

We got the Benjamin Moore low VOC (volatile organic substance), which was rather expensive, but nothing but the best for our baby, right?

Wanted to experiment with spraying because there was little feedback on the Internet about it, and I’d say that it came out great. The LVLP (low volume low pressure) spray can from Harbor Freight was about $15.

After cutting out our headboard and footboards with 3/4″ (or so) plywood, we sanded and drilled holes for our hardware.

I diluted the paint with water with about a 50% mixture. I experimented with no dilution, then 25%.  I can’t say I noticed much difference, but no dilution caused the sprayer to spit a little more… so I would recommend a little bit of dilution. To test, you can take your mixing stick, put a dab on the side of the bucket, then look closely at how it runs down the side. You don’t want to see a pigment separation.

Our little compressor from Home Depot worked fine.

These spray can bags were a waste… they don’t work all that well, so don’t bother.


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